Long time no hear....

Well, there I was, thinking I could write a blog post at least once a month..... And then life came along! Needless to say, Christmas was very busy, on the website as well as in the craft shop and on Christmas markets. And after a short break we were already in full seed-sowing mode - one of my favourite times of the year. So much promise in such a small seed! Of course, shortly after sowing seeds, the seedlings need potting on.... the house and polytunnel was soon filled with pots of baby plants. And then we got the opportunity to cultivate additional land on our farm, which meant (and still means) converting a grazing field into beds - digging wet clay is the best exercise you can get. We are by no means finished, but we take it one bed at a time.

I did manage to create a Huegelbeet, which is basically a raised bed made up of several layers, the core of which is made up of timber and/or branches. The rotting timber will provide extra heat and nutrients to the plants growing on top, and I am planting heavy feeders there, pumpkins and courgettes and the like. This is my first time growing on a Huegelbeets, I'll keep you posted!

I hope to be able to stick to the plan and update the blog once a month now. I'd love to hear from you, so don't be shy and get in touch!

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