About Mrs. C

My name is Irmgard, I was born in Austria in a small industrial town called Neunkirchen. From an early age I was interested in nature on the one hand and crafts on the other. Either I was outside spending hours watching butterflies or bees, or I was busy knitting or crocheting. There was a strong do-it-yourself mentality in our household, and we would mend or make something rather than buy – not necessarily out of lack of funds, but because great value was put on hand-made quality items and not throwing away stuff. I spent my weekends hiking, rock climbing, cycling, swimming, wind surfing, or cross-country skiing in winter, and when I was a bit older, I traveled across Europe in a VW camper van or on an Interrail ticket. On one of these journeys I fell in love with the northern countries and Scotland in particular, and this influenced my later decision to come to Ireland.

After graduating from grammar school I moved to Vienna to study English and Hungarian to become an interpreter – this was more a choice of the brain than of the heart, I would rather have become a naturalist of sorts, but that was not a viable option for a woman in the early 1980s in Austria. I then followed the traditional path of marriage and family, and after raising three beautiful children I decided that a new start was needed – in a new country. So I upped sticks (and kids) and moved to Ireland (back in the Celtic Tiger years there were plenty of jobs for German speakers), initially for a year.....but as happens with so many people in similar situations, fate got in the way and I fell in love with the country and with a West Clare man, and stayed.

My love for nature and crafts never died, and here in Ireland I am able to nurture both. We grow organic vegetables, fruit and wild flowers on our farm to feed ourselves and the thousands of bees that we keep, and from the wax I make pure beeswax candles. We also grow herbs, but in the west of Ireland this is a very weather-dependent business and not every year is a harvest year. I started Mrs. C's Herbs and Candles in 2018 and it grew steadily from then on.

I love working with beeswax, you can smell the flowers and herbs of summer when melting the wax, and it is a very luxurious and indulgent material to work with. My bees spent hours and hours collecting pollen and nectar to be able to produce the wax, so I have great respect for the material, and nothing is every wasted. That's the good thing about wax – if something goes wrong, I just melt it and start again.

Having a small impact on the world we inhabit is very important to me. I am a vegan, I make my own clothes from eco-friendly fabrics or buy second-hand, and this also translates to my business. I don't use plastic packaging – on the contrary, I try to limit packaging to the absolute minimum, so no fancy tags, labels, pouches.... with me! All my candles are hand-made, and therefore perfectly imperfect, but they are made with love and respect and will light up any room beautifully and infuse the house with a natural honey scent.

Thank you for your interest and support!