Hand-rolled pure beeswax candle – An Cat Dubh

Hand-rolled pure beeswax candle – An Cat Dubh

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Pure hand-rolled beeswax candle with no additives or chemicals - only beeswax and a cotton wick. Burns clean with a lovely honey scent for app. 8 hours.. All proceeds of the sale of this candle go to An Cat Dubh.

An Cat Dubh is a registered charity RCN 20202488 devoted to the welfare of animals.

- Natural beeswax and cotton wick

- Height: app. 13 cm

- Bottom diameter: app. 4Cm

- Black wax application

- Plastic-free, biodegradable packaging

- Colouring of candle may vary due to nature of material

- Before lighting the candle, remove all packaging and trim the wick to 1cm. Always read the safety instructions on our website